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Why So Soon?

So much to say, but..




It’s been days again since I last posted. Loser.

But hey, I am definitely not out of the game yet. I’ve been reading some blogs I know, and guess what I saw. Someone’s leaving, (I doubt it though) someone actually had this blog listed as his favorite, someone’s blog is actually missing, someone posts about global warming, and a number actually have paid posts in theirs. Most have theirs related to love. Hah. Good thing for my eyes. I’m not that late in updates. Or am I?

Sorry for those expecting the reply letter, by the way. I’ll try and do it after I detoxify. If I’ll be able to, that is.

Killing Time

The author of this blog is on LEAVE. You can blame it on that thing called ‘academics’ as much as you like, but he cannot continue without dropping either writing or reading (books and notebooks, that is). Once he returns, expect a number of wordy paragraphs made up of plain nonsense. In his behalf, I thank you for still visiting this blog of his, despite the long time interval between updates nowadays.

For now though, it’s about time to bid goodbye. He will be gone indefinitely, but for sure he will return – perhaps just like how Sylar did his.


Oh, come on. Since classes are about to start on the 12th, I guess I’ll be having a break for a short while. Two days, starting from now will do. So I won’t be seeing the blogosphere until then.

But wait, before I disappear, let me leave you with Jojo Alejar’s political joke about the Glorietta bombing incident. This was particularly said during the Tuesday episode of his ‘Sobrang Gud Nite Show with Jojo A, All The Way‘ on QTV11. He says it was a sorry mistake on the part of the terrorists who set up the bomb. The conversation goes:

Bomber 1: Pare, san nga ulit yung pasasabugin natin?

Bomber 2: Yung ano ata pare. Yung GLORIA ATA.

Bomber 1: Okay.

Err, quite a laughing matter, yes? Hello, Madam President.😉

Return of the Comeback

By simply looking at the first word of this entry’s title, I guess you already know the topic of this very, very, very, VERY special blog entry.

Continue reading ‘Return of the Comeback’

Who’s He?

Yes, my dear readers (if you are still existing), blame the numerous exams that I have taken (and also about to take), I am currently not in the mood to create at least sensible paragraph out of daydreaming alone. It seems that staring at space does not work after all the time that I have spent blogging. I need some time to recharge my almost dying brain cells to produce some more creative juices out of my little container.

De-blogging aside though,what do you know about my online version? Some of you may know me personally but actually, most do not. It’s your turn now to criticize me, after asking questions in my previous blog. What do you expect me to be if ever we meet? How would you rather visualize me?

The comment box is waiting, and so am I. 😉

Space and Time Continuum

Yes my friends (and enemies, perhaps), the so-called blog leave was actually a lie. He was hiding all along. As some of the former readers of the first book of his life were shocked after his unexpected announcement, he’s here again, trying to write about the new misadventures that he will face in his second year in college.

Leaving the old airport behind, he decides to start his blogging life anew. Despite certain obstacles, which we’ll hide in the name of ‘majors,’ amazingly, he still finds time to do all this blogging stuff. And thanks to almost one year of writing paragraphs and paragraphs of select events in his personal life, he was able to gain online and real time friends, and socialize with the other people of the metro; a feat he seldom does. Though there were many reasons behind hiding for a while, there were more for coming back. That’s why turning back from writing was not an option, for it was his blog that turned him into a better person (I think so), using the comments he receives from his readers to help him along the way.

I guess that’s fairly enough welcome for him, don’t you agree? Well yes, the pilot may have quit his job – but someone better comes along and manages to take his place. And so with that, I can finally say,

“We meet again, blogosphere.”



He is a typical 17 year-old guy currently in his second year studying BS-Occupational Therapy in UP Manila, who still finds time to do things such as this nonsense. He simply stares blankly at space whenever he thinks of a new blog entry, so do not dare ask him how he came up with them anymore. (more..)

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